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  • Small "Grow" Groups

    Sunday Morning: 9am (2nd Sunday every other month)

    Pastor's Breakfast: Julie Ruthen (All Welcome)

    Sunday Morning: 9:30am at Dayspring

    Men Only: Orlen Mason II

    Women Only: Sarah Hoover

    The Gap: (open to all): Beth Kufeldt

    Bridges: (open to all): Hershel & Christy Potter

    An Aligned Life (open to all): Charlie & Linda Vaughan & Dr. Ann Taylor

    An Aligned Life (open to all): Glenn & Brenda Bridwell & Tim & Tracie Russell

    An Aligned Life (open to all): Mike Senger, Deborah Boock and Pastor Tim

    Sunday 12:30pm at Dayspring

    Hoover Group: Andy & Sarah Hoover (Family Friendly)

    Sunday 12:30pm at the Dayspring (every other Sunday) 

    Women Only: Audrey Hoover-Kinstler

    Sunday Evenings: 6pm at the Hoover's Home

    Emergence: Young Adult Group (ages 18-25) Andy Hoover

    Tuesday Evenings: 6:30pm at Dayspring

    Grief Group: Audrey Hoover-Kinstler

    Wednesday Evenings: 6:30pm & 7pm at Dayspring

    Prayer: Gea Jones-Thompson

    Women's Group: Sarah Hoover

    Parenting Class: Pastor Tim & Beth Kufeldt

    An Aligned Life (open to all): Mike Senger & Deborah Boock

    Financial Peace University: Julie Wakefield (6:30pm)

    Thursdays Morning 11am at the Adam's Home

    Lamplighters: Ray & Betty Storer (Open to all)

    Friday Evenings: 6:30 pm at the Olaniyan's Home

    Olaniyan Group: Chris & Jumoke Olaniyan (Family Friendly)

  • (Serve) Outreach Opportunities: Gea Jones-Thompson
    • Quarterly Outreach
    • Small Group Outreach
    • All Church Serve Day
    • Get Involved in Serving at Dayspring
    There are countless ways to be involved in the work here at Dayspring as well as our community at large. Opportunities ranging from greeting and making meals for those in need to teaching and leading a life group.  Here are 3 easy steps to get involved for service to God and others:
    1. Take the Spiritual Gift Survey
    2. Contact any of our pastoral staff members to set up a "no hassle" face to face to discuss where you could be involved OR attend a class on Spiritual Gifts
    3. Start giving back!